I’m hearing it more than I’m feeling it


Recently a singer/composer and I were working with a change in her thinking while vocalising, which gave her a sudden new resonance and freedom which was quite noticeable. She looked a bit stunned by it, and I asked her what she was noticing. To which she replied:

“I’m hearing it more than I’m feeling it.”

This was very exciting. It was a new way to perceive herself in singing. Doing it this way, she wasn’t manufacturing a sensory feeling that she was used to, she was doing a process that gave her a new experience, which gave her a different kind of feedback.  In this case, it meant her report came from her auditory sense. Her singing was freer, more resonant and more precise than the old process would allow. The old feeling can’t happen in a new process.

The sequence was very clear.

  1. thinking/plan
  2. acting/ do the plan
  3. noticing what you can about what happened

Make a plan, do the plan, see what happens. Marvelous surprises abound.

April 18, 2017 / Alexander Technique, Voice

Kate Conklin is a performance coach and teacher of voice and the Alexander Technique. Kate specializes in helping world-class performers whose work requires excellent technique and profound artistry. She teaches in Los Angeles and remotely via Skype.

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