Bulgarian Choir

Private Choirs

Kate has directed many ensembles which integrate Balkan repertoire, Balkan vocal technique, and The Alexander Technique. These groups are comprised of serious and professional singers who receive individual work as well functioning as a performance ensemble. The emphasis of these ensembles are to develop greater ease in singing, intricate ornamentation and performance.

Ensembles perform the rich and complex polyphonic choral arrangements by composers Filip Kutev, Nikolai Kaufman, Krassimir Kyurkchiyski, Ivan Spassov and others. Individuals and groups receive specific instruction and repertoire from all regions of Bulgaria, as well as diaphonic songs from Macedonia and Turkey and all material from all over the Balkans. Pronunciation, musical and pedagogical issues such as asymmetrical meters, idiomatic ornamentation and regional dialects are addressed. Singers learn to appropriate highly specific vocal production, ensemble work and dynamics.

Kate directed a Bulgarian choir for the California State Summer School for the Arts for  10 years, and was founder and director of the Bulgarian Vocal Ensemble at The California Institute of the Arts from 2006-2010.  Integrating the artistic vision of the CalArts community, the ensemble explored modern arrangements and the re-contextualization of Bulgarian folk music featuring soloists, small ensembles, collaborations and guest artists.