Wildness & Precision

I sing opera, Bulgarian music, American folk music, and original works. I investigate the essential qualities of intention and emergence, emotion and virtuosity, resiliency and delicacy.

My most enduring and profound (though not necessarily evident) influences are Nina Simone, Tom Robbins, Robert Sapolsky and The Marx Brothers.

Photo: H. Arista

Projects & Collaborations

Recreational Science

One-Woman Opera

Recreational Science is a journey of triumphs and blunders of scientific innovation between the 18th and mid-20th centuries. The central character of "Science", herself, serves as guide and narrator. A monologue for soprano, one multi-instrumental player and laptop, it will ultimately be a fully-staged performance approximately 80 minutes in length. The pieces range in emotion from darkly comedic to orgasmic to horrific and utilize operatic, Bulgarian, extended vocal techniques and eventually pre-recorded vocals and live vocal processing.

Javier Navarrete, Oscar-nominated composer for the film Pan's Labyrinth, conceived and composed the piece specifically for Kate. The subject is factual and surreal: a list of discoveries and curiosities about applied science with an underlying critique on human faith in technological progress. The text is by Victor Nubla, used with permission.

The interplay between innovation, creativity and expression are explored throughout the piece as the narrator both relays and experiences the euphoria and despair of the scientific process.

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Bryan Landers

Voice & Banjo

Kate and Bryan play creative re-contextualizations of Balkan, especially Bulgarian folk music. They have been playing together for 16 years.

Benedikt Negro

Teaching Duo

Benedikt and Kate work with performers of all kinds to develop keen awareness and skill in movement. Benedikt provides pantomime and movement training from his vast knowledge of physical theater, deep work with characterization, and rigorous physical training. Kate helps artists tune their whole selves to their activities using her expertise in movement, coordination and neuroscience.

Together they teach students to create compelling movement from the highly stylized to simple and studied.

Miroslav TadicĀ“

Voice & Guitar

Kate and Miroslav have been playing music together for 14 years. Their collaboration represents music from Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia, arranged with legendary musical depth and virtuosity by Miroslav.

"Kate has all the traits a composer looks for in a performer: creativity, strength, confidence, originality, respect, daring, a scary level of skill... We love working with her!"

- Benjamin Wynn + Jeremy Zuckerman, Emmy-winning Sound Designer + Composer for 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and 'The Legend of Korra'

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