36 Second (ish) Bliss Breathing

36 Second Bliss Breathing (To download, click the three dot to the right)

This week, we’re breathing blissfully!

This downloadable audio file takes you through the 36-second Bliss Breathing exercise.

Happy Breathing!

The 3 Steps

1. Breathe in through your nose (or your mouth if you prefer)

2. While you’re doing this, ask everything in your body to move however it wishes

3. Breathe out though your mouth (or nose if you prefer)

Key Points

This breathing deep, gentle and not forced in any way. It will be quiet or silent, because there is no resistance or force in your throat, or anywhere else.

This breath cycle is seamless;  you don’t stop or hold the breathe or your movement at any point. When you inhale and you get close to having a nice full, easy breath, keep your whole self moving and turn the air around to breathe out.

Movement, in this sense, means how your body moves naturally just by being alive, without deciding to do any particular gesture. Your whole torso moves gently when you breathe, because breathing moves your body.

If you notice anything in your body that’s resisting or feels left out,  just ask for a bit more gooeyness, and invite it to move along wth the rest of you.

*We’re not doing a scan for tension, or looking for tightening. We’re asking for what we want more of, and inviting our entire selves to participate.

Some Ideas of What Can Move:
your head, your face, your jaw, your neck, your chest, your armpits, your arms, your elbows, your wrists, your fingers, your back, your belly, your pelvis, your pelvic floor, your hip joints, your thighs, your knees, your calves, your shins, your ankles, your feet, your toes…

How & When to Use This Exercise:

You can do this in any position, and anytime that it’s physically possible. I suggest doing this before you get out of bed in the morning, and before you go to sleep at night.

At work, when you’re walking, driving, at your morning meeting, backstage before a performance, when you’re getting tight, when you want to really enjoy something…

How & Why It Works:

1. When you breathe, oxygen goes into your lungs and then into your bloodstream, and all throughout your body, before being converted to C02 and being breathed back out. So breathing isn’t just respiratory, it’s circulatory, it’s brain function- it involves all of you.

2. Breathing affects your state of mind and is affected by your state of mind, so you can use either as an entry point to bring your system into a quality of harmony. With this exercise you’re actually doing both.

3. When you ask everything in you body to move however it wishes, there is no particular right way, or particular part moving. You’re asking into the excellent design of your body;  its wisdom and intelligence about what can move and how, rather than some learned technique or belief about what should and shouldn’t move- all of you is invited. 

Why 36 seconds?
That’s about about how long it takes to do this 3- breath exercise.

An optimal breath cycle for quiet respiration is a slightly linger exhale that inhale. If we breathe in for about 5 seconds, and out for about 7 seconds, each breath cycle is about 12 seconds. If you do that 3 times, that’s about 36 seconds.

Even the most fully scheduled of us can likely do something for 36 seconds once or twice everyday.

Why Bliss?
1. Perception works via prediction. Our perception is not passive, it’s an active process based in what we expect to happen. In short, you get what you ask for. If you call something bliss, you will be expecting that, and your entire system will coordinate and mobilize to meet your expectation, and bliss it shall be.

2. When you are moving and functioning optimally, cooperating with your beautiful human design, there is a generalized sense of wholeness;  a kind of an energetic buzz that feels harmonious, and  alert and available. For me, this is a blissful feeling.

How to get REALLY good at this (or anything):
1. Learn about it
2. Practice it yourself
3. Tell someone else about it

Your challenge for this week:

1. Find 2 times during the day, everyday, to do this quick and nourishing exercise. See what happens to your mindset, your emotions, and your interactions.

2. Tell someone else about it, and teach them yourself, or share the video with them so they can do it, too.