Glorious Creatures III

This is Your Life
July 1- August 21    

Welcome anew, Glorious Creature.

In these 8 weeks, we will undertake a journey of reckoning, integrity, and growth. The themes of this course are adaptability, resiliency, and responsibility. We will identify the most powerful areas for you personally, and move into nurturing those areas so you can fully thrive.

This work is highly individual, and will look different for everyone- but as we will see, there are universalities in the specifics. We will be listening, learning, and sharing deeply. It is my great honor to invite you to walk with us.

The Course Includes:
4 live (recorded)
Group Coaching Sessions
2 Individual Coaching Sessions (30mins)
8 Videos Supplemental Materials
4 Audio Meditations  
FB Group
Personal email support    

Course Fee: $895