Kate Conklin Course for Professional Singers
Spring 2018

Welcome to the second part of the Spring Course! We will meet weekly for the first three weeks of each month, March through May. You will receive email updates with video lectures, live coaching times, and supplemental materials.

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Spring Course – May $450

Lecture Content


  1. Technical Work & Skill Building
  2. Emergence, Resonance & Optimal Acoustical Properties
  3. Observation & Analysis of Movement
  4. Interpreting the Senses
  5. Acting & Emotion in Performance
  6. Performance Preparation
  7. Performance Readiness (Transforming Pre-Performance Energy)
  8. Auditions and Recording
  9. Synergizing & Integrating The Performance Process

Course Includes:

  • 1 Live coaching session every week
  • 1 Video Lecture every week
  • Supplemental Materials, Suggested Reading and Listening relevant to specific lectures of the course, and posted in conjunction with those lectures.
  • All live coaching will be recorded and available to the members of the class

Alumni Network

One of the goals of this course is to build a global network and community who explore, practice, and teach in a systemic, qualitative and innovative way. Participants from each Course will automatically be given access to the alumni network, which will allow you to carry on conversations with your current group of participants as well those who have participated in other versions.

Meet Kate

Kate Conklin is a vocalist, performer and educator. Through thousands of hours of work with elite performers, observation and analysis of movement, voice work, performance and research in the fields of performance excellence, human design, coordination, and neurobiology, Kate has developed a coaching process which is which is creative, collaborative, and empowering.

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