Welcome to Summer Practica & Deeper Learning

Lectures and previous coaching sessions are posted here for you to watch, along with a PDF of materials and relevant resources for you to download. Additional live coaching sessions will be made available here as they happen, so you’ll have access to those even if you weren’t able to attend a session.

Lecture 1

Singing With Your Whole Self

Lecture 2

Coordinated Breathing

Lecture 3

Optimal Daily Practice

Lecture 4

Technical Work and Skill Building


Lecture 5

Emergence, Resonance, & Optimal Acoustical Properties


Lecture 6

Observing and Analyzing the Quality of Coordination

Lecture 7

Interpreting the Senses


Lecture 8

Emotion and Acting


Lecture 9

Performance Preparation


Lecture 10

Performance Readiness


Lecture 11

Recordings and Auditions

Lecture 12

Synergizing & Integrating The Performance Process