Essential Workshops


A series of workshops that represent what I wish every performer knew.

The workshops provide a unique forum to share essential information and strategies in the most efficient, potent and affordable manner possible.

The Workshops

01 Science of Movement  9.11.16
What Every Human Should Know

02 Respiration: Natural and Extraordinary  10.9.16
Accurate anatomy and functioning
Strategies for extending, accelerating, and controlling breathing

03 Science of Singing  11.13.16
Vocal function and artistry from a practical performance standpoint
Fundamental techniques and strategies that allow you to work at your full capacity

04 Performance Readiness  12.18.16
How to constructively interpret and use pre-performance energy to excel
Practical strategies that coordinate all of your existing skills and techniques

You are guaranteed to learn something new and surprising.

This workshop series was conceived as a way to answer the needs I see time and time again working with performers. Through years of work with extraordinary performers, observation and analysis of human movement and coordination, voice work, and research in the fields of stress physiology, performance readiness, anatomy, and neurobiology, I have become fluent in helping people go beyond plateaus, explore new possibilities and hone their skills.

Each workshops in this series is designed to provide:
– Up-to-date, accurate information about functioning and movement
– Practical, constructive strategies for performance, practice and life
– Opportunities to experiment and observe others
– Ask questions specific to your field and goals

This series will repeat between one to three times annually. You are encouraged to attend the same workshop multiple times, as some of the information will be different, as will you.

You can attend any individual or combination of workshops; attendance for the entire series is not mandatory.