Singing in Chest Online Workshop: Navigating the Vocal Registers with the Greatest of Ease

This workshop is designed to help you fully understand and navigate the vocal registers with any quality you wish. To make this as rich and fortifying as possible, this workshop will have two parts.


Part I (September)

This will provide information on vocal design, techniques, and exercises for mastering singing in chest, head and mix seamlessly. Part I will incorporate skills and perspectives from numerous vocal styes, including Opera, Bulgarian Singing, Fado, Americana, Musical Theater, Yodeling, and more. I will also take questions and work with a few singers in this session.

Part II : Practica & Coaching (October)

This is a follow up to give us an opportunity to build on your skills, and for you to get specific coaching once you’ve worked with the exercises and concepts from Part I.  One of the most exciting and valuable parts of this workshop is the other extraordinary singers you will get to hear and see being coached, and sharing their process. The learning in this kind of group is exponential.
(Práctica is a term for an informal event where Argentine tango or Salsa is danced. In a Práctica dancers focus on practicing the dance, and this is the spirit I take into the second part of the workshop.)

Times, Dates & Costs

Part I Saturday September 21st, 1:30pm

Part II Saturday October 19th 1:30pm

Duration: 90 mins
Part I $165
Part II $165
Discounted fee for both workshops: $295

Important information:
* Both workshops will be recorded and available for reference, or if you cannot be there in person.
* You must register for part I to participate in Part II, but you can view it online if you are not able to be present for the first workshop.