The Science of Singing


Fees and Information

When: Sunday, November 13th, 2016, 2-5pm

Where: Santa Monica (address given upon registration)

Limit: 10 people

Workshop Fee: $150

Registration for this event is now closed.

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About the Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide accurate and relevant information about vocal function and artistry from a practical performance standpoint. We sing because we want to communicate, and we care deeply about how we do that. In any style of singing, there are fundamental techniques and strategies that allow you, the artist, to work at your full capacity, bringing great joy and satisfaction to you and your audience.

This workshop is particularly recommended for:


Structure & Functioning
What every phonator should know

Principles of Coordination
How we call up precise, reliable vocal coordination in speaking and singing

Techniques & Strategies
How to cultivate effective, flexible coordination in service of extraordinary artistry
Learning to observe the quality of coordination in yourself and others
Injury, fatigue and recovery
Professional demands and maintenance
Warm up and performance strategies
How to make choices in your daily life that support your technical and artistic goals

Strategies & Techniques
Analysis of effective techniques
Pitfalls of ineffective ones

Practical application
Participants who wish to, are invited to sing or speak and get individual coaching

Getting what you desire requires effort. Make sure to take advantage of this time to ask any questions.

You are guaranteed to learn something new and surprising.

About The Series

A series of workshops that represent what I wish every performer knew.

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