Fall Foundations Practica & Deeper Study

About this Course

This 12 Week Course will be emphasizing your continued work and fluency with the material from the first 12 Lectures. Coachings will be inquiry-based, with the addition of new concepts and application in the first portion of the session.



Course Includes:

Live Group Coaching
Meeting weekly for the first 3 weeks of each month

Coaching sessions will begin in workshop format, with warm-ups and guided movement exploration, and relevant information about anatomy and functioning. The rest of the hour will be inquiry -based activity, as we’ve done.

Please have a movement or phrase of movement to work with each week (We may not get to everyone every week, but have something in your back pocket to work with every week.) This could be bending over to pick something up, something from your daily life like walking or opening doors, a pedagogical or teaching activity, or one of the exercises from the Lectures.
Coachings are recorded for reference.

Private FB Discussion Group

Access to the 12 Lectures & Previous Coachings

Reading, Writing & Metacognition
Reading assignments from Cathy Madden’s Onstage Synergy
Weekly email journal of a few sentences describing how you used the work in your life

Certificate of Completion
For those who participate in coaching and complete the assignments.


One upfront payment – One month FREE!  $1495
$495 Monthly