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Composing your Life

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Launching 2019

This 8-week course is about getting you to go after that which you desire, imagining your ideal life, identifying and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs that are keeping you from that life.

This is a project course, and at the end you will have something significant to show for it. The course will help you identify what you want to do, and give you support and resources to get it done!


  • Videos each week to light up your imagination and get you motivated
  • Audio resources to help you stay on mission
  • Written materials & worksheets to get you organized & kicking ass
  • 4 live coaching calls for questions & to get you unstuck

Meet Kate

Kate Conklin is a performer and coach. Through thousands of hours of work with elite performers, observation and analysis of movement, voice work, performance and research in the fields of performance excellence, human design, coordination, and neurobiology, Kate has developed a coaching process which is which is creative, collaborative, and empowering.

Kate has used this process to achieve her greatest desires- becoming a Fulbright Scholar, performing in the incomparable Cirque du Soleil, and speaking and coaching internationally. This is the process she uses to help you compose your ideal life.


“I come out of every Skype meeting with Kate possessing new clarity about how to accomplish my goals as well as the practical tools to get started.

Over the past year Kate has counseled me on a range of topics from vocal performance to grant writing, and working with Kate has made each process immeasurably more pleasurable and manageable. I have actually painlessly incorporated techniques that Kate has taught me into my routine, such as ways to deal with performance anxiety – which she flipped my thinking about and my performance immediately improved!

Kate’s approach is some amazing combination of optimistic and practical that is both uplifting and realistic. As I’m talking with her suddenly all of these perceived obstacles sort of dematerialize. But it’s not just a pep talk; she has also equipped me with very practical tools to get things done in such a way that I can’t wait to try them out. I feel like I’ve just had an inspiring conversation with a friend- but then I read over my notes from our session and realize I have a solid plan of action ready to be implemented.”

Kathryn Mitchell
Singer, Balkan Vocal Ensemble Orfeia, Bulgarian Dance Ensemble Zharava, Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria 2018

“What I have been exposed to in this course has been exceptional.  To think that I am currently enjoying a small library of what Kate has spent years of her life testing, teaching and using in her own amazing performance background is really unbelievable.

Kate has the ability to, in a condensed time period with a clear map, lead someone out of the safe end of the pool and into the deep. She teaches you to find choices and not just become a victim of old habits and thought patterns.

A life long singer and performer, I am grateful for a style of teaching that is so grounded in a different kind of science. Rooted in deep listening to your own intuition and  inherent knowledge, it has also given me new ways of looking at what I’m trying to accomplish, sometimes radically new and I have test driven some of those tools in concert and in the studio with great results.”

Pam Tillis
Multiple CMA and Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Broadway performer & member of The Grand Ole Opry