Wildness &


I am THRILLED to invite you to a deep dive with me into vocal mastery.

Teaching people to sing and perform with unprecedented ease and exquisiteness is my SUPERPOWER.

In these workshops we don’t just talk about the physiology and principles- we get in the arena and see what happens when you use ALL of yourself efficiently, expressively, and fully.

With my signature blend of science and skill, we will demystify the physiological function of the vocal mechanism, the respiratory system, and how your body actually works. By exploring your unique instrument, essential qualities of optimal movement and acoustics, and working precisely with specific skills, we will uncover the artistry that is truly possible in these realms, and reveal processes and sound qualities that are surprising and sublime.

No matter what you wish to do with extraordinary quality, knowing HOW your instrument and your body work, and how to work with them gives you total fluency in your performing and limitless expression. Doing all of this in the context of optimal sounds and coordination ensures safety, sustainability, and profound artistry.

Your singing and performing will never be the same.


Workshops are on Zoom, and recordings are available of every workshop to review, or if you cannot attend live.


MOLGATO: Appoggio, Breath Control & Seamless Phrasing
Saturday, February 17
*For singers and wind players.

Speed, Agility, Ornaments, Trills & Coloratura
March 2024, date & time TBD
*For singers, instrumentalists, and performers of all disciplines.

Exquisite Resonance
Saturday April 20
2pm-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern
*For singers, speakers, and instrumentalists.

Articulation, Diction & Precision
May 18 2pm-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern
*For singers and wind players.


Bulgarian Singing
Summer 2024 date & time TBD

FALL 2024

MOLGATO: Appoggio, Breath Control & Seamless Phrasing
September, date & time TBD
*For singers and wind players.

Speed, Agility, Ornaments, Trills & Coloratura
October, date & time TBD
*For singers, instrumentalists, and performers of all disciplines.

Exquisite Resonance
November 2024, date & time TBD
*For singers and instrumentalists.

Singing in Chest: Navigating the Registers with the Greatest of Ease
December 2024 date & time TBD
* For singers.

Workshop Structure

Part 1: Introduction & Lecture
Structure, Function & Key Concepts

Part 2: Application & Experiments
Principles, Tools, Techniques & Practices

Part 3: Coaching
Specific coaching to work more precisely with repertoire, application, and integration.

Open Q&A


Kate Conklin is 6 feet 3 inches of pure, unadulterated resonance.

Kate is a soprano, a leading interpreter of the highly demanding vocal music of Bulgaria, and an extraordinary performance coach. Kate is a certified Integrative Alexander Technique teacher, holds two degrees in Vocal Performance, and was a Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria, where she studied singing, pedagogy, and conducting, and performed as a member of The Ivan Spassov Academic Choir. Kate was also the vocalist for Cirque du Soleil’s “O,” where she performed approximately nine hundred shows, and subsequently brought on to teach at the California Institute of the Arts where she served as vocal faculty, as well as founding and directing the Bulgarian Vocal Ensembles.

Kate sings in seventeen + languages and is known for her playful gravitas.

Kate coaches acrobats, artists, opera singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, directors, and performers of all kinds to create the conditions for consistent optimal performance, skilled mastery, and unprecedented performance techniques so they can get the support, recognition, and fulfillment they desire and deserve.

Kate’s unique methodology, Wildness & Precision®, is the process that has emerged from decades of coaching the best performers in the world, and deep study in the fields of optimal performance, optimal acoustics, flow state, stress physiology, neurobiology, systems theory, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, anthropology, philosophy, and creativity.