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“In the particular is contained the universal.”
― James Joyce


Articulation, Diction & Precision
*For singers and wind players.

Sunday May 19, 2-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern
on Zoom

This will be unlike any “diction” coaching you’ve ever experienced.

We will work with vowels, language, accents, and the most efficient use of the jaw and mouth to say what you wish to say with clarity and beauty.

We are talking acoustics, coordination of the tongue, jaw, and lips, and how to create crystal clear resonance from how you say your words.

Vowels will self-modify.
Consonants will be in tune.
The precision of your words will make all of your singing better and easier.

When the language is clear, it changes your entire coordination.
Your instrument and brain can suddenly do things that flummoxed you moments before.


Issues with rolled r’s?
Choppy or slurry ornaments?
Anywhere you need more precision, better function, and crystal-clear language- BRING IT TO ME.
We will get it sorted.

*AND I will teach you the easiest and most transformative trick I know to get your singing in any language to be super easy and super resonant.

This is the last workshop of the Spring.
See you there!

The Details

Articulation, Diction & Precision Workshop
*For singers and wind players.

When: Sunday May 19, 2-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern
Where: Zoom
Recording will be available

Workshop Structure

Part 1 Structure, Function & Concepts

Design of the jaw and articulators

The tongue and lips in singing (the extended resonator tube)

Exercises to establish optimal breath, jaw movement, and articulation 

Part 2 Styles & Applications

Diction: Precision and flow in singing

Optimal resonance via articulation

Experiments and techniques to tune consonants, create the conditions for “self-modifying” vowels

How the specific conveys the universal with language and ornamentation

Part 3 Coaching

Specific coaching for participants to work even more precisely with repertoire and application

Open Q&A