Four months of unprecedented performance training.

Twelve modules following the journey of performing from the desire to communicate all the way to sublime performance.

An intimate cohort of extraordinary performers that relentlessly nourish and support each other.

Precise coaching to elevate you beyond what you’ve imagined possible…This is the Wildness and Precision Course for Extraordinary Performance.


“The Course is an invaluable, synchronistic blend of exactly the information I want to have access to as a professional performer. Kate has a knack for presenting dense, scientific material in a usable, and more importantly, efficient and accessible manner… the way it is presented here has been responsible for multiple breakthroughs.”
Rainelle Krause
Soprano & Aerialist
Texas, USA
“To think that I am currently enjoying a library of what Kate has spent years of her life testing, teaching and using in her own amazing performance background is really unbelievable.”
Pam Tillis
Singer, Song-writer, Multiple Grammy and CMA Winner
Tennessee, USA

“I come out of every meeting with Kate possessing new clarity about how to accomplish my goals as well as the practical tools to get started. I have incorporated techniques that Kate has taught me into my routine, such as ways to deal with performance anxiety – which she flipped my thinking about, and my performance immediately improved!

“Kate’s approach is an amazing combination of optimistic and practical that is both uplifting and realistic. All the perceived obstacles sort of dematerialize. That is what is really amazing about working with her – she sacrifices neither the details nor the big picture.”

Kathryn Mitchell
Vocalist, Educator, 2018 Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria
Washington DC