Wildness & Precision™ Course for Extraordinary Performers

February-May 2021

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This Course is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It is trans-disciplinary and transformational by design.

A cohort of multi-disciplinary creators bringing their full selves to an intimate, collaborative container, fortified by 12 modules of the most essential performance processes and practices, and extraordinary performance coaching by Kate Conklin.

It was created for extraordinary performers and can be taken from anywhere in the world, based on Kate’s unique clientele of performers- singers, circus performers, actors, writers, speakers, directors, and far more. Our community is a global and intimate one where we explore what it means to fully support and create your best work.

The Course Modules provides deep work in voice, optimal performance, skill-building and technical work, performance training, and extraordinary performance coaching.

You will learn to:

  • Captivate an audience
  • Move with joy and grace
  • Tell stories with potency
  • Transcend technical and artistic plateaus
  • Reinvigorate your creativity
  • Feel whole and confident in all your practice and performance
  • Trust yourself deeply

Course Details

This is a 12-Week Course, spread over 4 months.
Lectures and coaching take place in the first 3 weeks of each month, with an integration week at the end of each month.

Course Includes:

  • 12 Live group coaching sessions with Kate
  • 12 Video Lectures
  • Supplemental Materials, Suggested Reading and Listening relevant to specific lectures of the course, and posted in conjunction with those lectures.
  • Coaching sessions are recorded and available to course members
  • Support between sessions in a private FB discussion group

About the Course

This course is the culmination of all my work thus far — coaching elite performers, performing professionally, and research in areas of human design, vocal skill, storytelling, neurobiology, and human potential.
My mission is to help extraordinary performers get recognition and fulfillment in their art and lives.

The group learning process provides fertile ground for multi-dimensional learning, cross-pollination of disciplines, and provides an immersive environment that increases learning value exponentially.

And, as performers, it gives us something invaluable and essential to all performing- an audience.

The course is designed to provide potent, comprehensive information, and an individually adapted curriculum. It will be iterative and sequential — we will build on what we’ve done previously. You will be in a cohort of performers suited to your skill, motivation, and performing ability who can provide highly valuable feedback.

The course is a combination of live online coaching, video lectures, and supplementary materials. All live coaching will be recorded and available to you in case you need to miss one. Days and times of live coaching will be announced once applicants have provided their availability in the application process.

Applicants may be invited to an interview call to determine suitability.

Alumni Network

One of the goals of this course is building a global network and community who explore, practice and teach in a systemic, qualitative, and innovative way. Participants who complete the course are given access to the alumni network, which will allow you to carry on conversations and collaborate with your current cohort as well as those who have participated in other versions.


Days and times of live coaching are determined by the availability of the participants.

The Lectures

Part I Optimal Performance

Wholeness of Performing
Breath Coordination & Skilled Breathing
Building Your Optimal Daily Practice

Part 2 Skill & Technique

Technical Work & Skill Building
Emergence & Optimal Performance Properties
Observation & Analysis of Movement

Part 3 Extraordinary Performance Training

Interpreting the Senses
Acting & Emotion in Performance
Performance Preparation

Part 4 Extraordinary Performance Training II

Performance Readiness (Transforming Pre-Performance Energy)
Auditions & Recording
Synergizing & Integrating The Performance Process

About Kate

Kate Conklin is a vocalist, performer, and educator. Through thousands of hours of work with elite performers, observation and analysis of movement, voice work, performance, and research in the fields of performance excellence, human design, coordination, and neurobiology, Kate has developed a coaching process that is creative, collaborative, and empowering.

Testimonials for the Course

“I have found the Course to be an invaluable, synchronistic blend of exactly the information I want to have access to as a professional performer. Kate has a knack for presenting dense, scientific material in a usable, and more importantly, efficient and accessible manner. While some of the information I may have run across in previous studies, the way it is combined and presented here has been responsible for multiple breakthroughs just in the duration of the course.  Most of the material, however, has been new to me and immensely interesting — and important in creating fluidity and efficiency between the constraints of my instrument and what I want to say and do in performance. I am excited to see what further review and deeper study on my part will bring as I integrate new understandings with the demands of what I do on and off stage.”
Rainelle Krause, Soprano & Aerialist
Texas, US

“What I have been exposed to in this course has been exceptional.  To think that I am currently enjoying a library of what Kate has spent years of her life testing, teaching, and using in her own amazing performance background is really unbelievable.

Kate has the ability to, in a condensed time period with a clear map, lead someone out of the safe end of the pool and into the deep. She really breaks down what is possible in trying to gain greater mastery over this instrument we call “voice” which is really body, heart, and mind. She teaches you to find choices and not just become a victim of old habits and thought patterns.

A lifelong singer and performer, I am grateful for a style of teaching that is so grounded in a different kind of science. Rooted in deep listening to your own intuition and  inherent knowledge, it has also given me new ways of looking at what I’m trying to accomplish, sometimes radically new and I have test driven some of those tools in concert and in the studio with great results.”
Pam Tillis
Multiple CMA and Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Broadway performer & member of The Grand Ole Opry
Tennessee, US

“Kate Conklin’s Foundations Course has been an amazing experience for me. The information has been laid out in a very systematic, easy-to-learn style, with practical applications from the very first lesson onward. I have personally made revelations that have made an enormous difference in my physical comfort both in singing and in life. The approach is rooted in science, and yet not in any way dry or difficult to understand because Kate has broken it down into manageable parts. The lectures are very informative, but they are so much more than a laundry list of facts, as they also have suggestions of exercises to play with the information discussed, and all of those have been great. I have also loved the group sessions because seeing my colleagues play with these concepts has been so helpful in my visceral understanding of them all. I consider this one of the best investments I have made in my singing in a very long time and would recommend it to any serious singer interested in continuing to grow. “
Anita Lyons, Soprano
New Jersey, US

“This course introduces the most efficient and logical approach to singing, and could greatly benefit any singer. Foundations is programmed perfectly to present challenges and new concepts that can be explored immediately with any repertoire while maintaining thoughtful, digestible steps, and never becoming overwhelming. One particular component of the program is live coaching with the group each week, which has ended up being my favorite part! I was not only able to work through specific questions I had when applying the course to my own practice but also found myself investigating the other members’ topics of discussion as well each week. The foundation’s course has done SO MUCH good for my technique, my performance, and my whole approach to singing (and therefore, my whole self… Oh just wait, guys!). I could not recommend it enough!”
Rebecca Richardson, Soprano
New York, US

“As a professional singer and performer of over 25 years who has had her share of struggles with technical issues (vocal fatigue, stamina, etc), working with Kate Conklin has been absolutely invaluable. Her particular approach, using principles of the Alexander Technique, is simply wonderful.  It is a way of looking at practice and performance through the lens of anatomical function wedded to psychological intention. The resulting vocal freedom and vocal stamina are palpable!

I like the structure of the course, with recorded lectures that are always accessible online to watch/listen to, mixed with the live coaching where a participant can both work on some material in real-time and observe others doing so. Both are so useful! Kate also provides reading material and references to complete the picture.

Highly valuable and much appreciated. Thank you, Kate, for creating this course!!!!”
Dina Emerson, Vocalist
Meredith Monk Ensemble, Cirque du Soleil
Nevada, US

“Kate Conklin’s Course has reinvigorated my practicing. Listening to the lessons on my own time, and then applying discoveries engaged the “why” of music-making again. The weekly coachings allowed for observations to expand further through conversations with other artists in a safely guided peer environment. It served as a welcome weekly reminder to continue questioning and re-examining preconceived notions of “the right way” when it comes to artistic expression. I highly recommend any opportunity to walk with Kate on the path to personal artistic discovery.”
Sara Stejskel, Soprano
Idaho, US

“When Kate first approached me about her Foundations Course, I was a bit skeptical. I’ve been working with her for a while now and I wasn’t entirely sure I needed something “foundational”. I’m happy to eat my words.  The reality of the Alexander Technique and Kate’s teaching is that we’re always striving for the basics, making it suitable for any level of experience. I particularly enjoy group coaching. Hearing other people’s challenges and triumphs helps shake up my own assumptions and give me a wider range of vocabulary and experience to draw from. It’s been a wonderful community to connect with and I walk away from each lecture and coaching session, energized and ready for more.  I’ve really benefitted from the structured, weekly meetings as they continuously build on skills and ideas allowing me to make greater improvement in a much shorter period of time. I wish I could give this experience to everyone!”
Madison Smith, SopranoSydney, Australia