Work With Kate

Kate’s coaching is a collaborative, creative process designed to help expert performers increase fulfillment and recognition in their work and lives.

Kate’s unique methodology, Wildness & Precision™ is based on essential qualities of optimal human thought and movement, and can be adapted for any curious human.


Wildness & Precision™ One-on-One Immersive

The Immersive is designed to support your ideal outcome and help you transform your work.

Based on the four pillars of my extraordinary performance process, this container is created specifically for you to create transformative outcomes in a compressed time frame. In all aspects, your goals and desires are our blueprint for the work.

The potent principles and specific tools help achieve your desired results now, and develop skill and fluency to use for yourself for a lifetime.

I Optimal Coordination

Cooperating with the design of your body, your art form, and the world gives you immediate, consistent access to your current skills and abilities. This step includes using your voice and body expertly and creating optimal acoustical and movement qualities immediately.

II Skill Building, Development & Technical Work

In this area, we identify what further skills you might need to do your best work, and find ways to work at the leading edge of your skills so you can do better and more precise work in service of your art.

III Performance Practices & Rehearsals
Here we work with text, character, rehearsal iterations, structure, and our entire biopsychosocial selves to create an integrated performing process.

This is the training I wish every performer could have.

IV Extraordinary Performance Coaching

This phase is about creative collaboration. We exchange ideas, create and develop work, and use short feedback loops to reveal the greatest, most essential performing. The artist is self-sufficient in their skills and coordination, and the coaching is synergistic and empowering.

* The process is non-linear and can use some or all pillars in combination and in any order. 


Wildness & Precision™ Course for Extraordinary Performers

The Course is unique and revolutionary. Designed for the most extraordinary professional performers, it can be taken from anywhere in the world. Its mission is to support extraordinary performers create greater fulfillment and recognition in their work, via an immersive group learning process.

You not only get individual coaching from Kate but also the unique benefits of being in a cohort with the best in the world at what they do.

In the Course, you receive live online coaching, 12 highly potent video lectures, and comprehensive supporting supplementary materials.

Learn more about the Course

Retreat Day with Kate

Extraordinary Restoration and Renewal
In this super-potent 4-hour session, Kate guides you through physical, breathing, energetic, and vocal restoration and revitalization practices- the ones she uses for herself and has spent 20+ years learning and developing.

The day includes some surprise bonuses, deep relaxation, and coaching based on the four pillars of Wildness and Precision™, adapted specifically to you. You will learn and apply each of the pillars to your work with precise coaching from Kate.

These sessions are joyful, profound, and transformative.

If you are at the precipice of your next breakthrough, and you are ready for a quantum leap in your work and life, this is for you.

You will feel refreshed, clear, and ready to go forward into your full, glorious life.