Work With Kate

Kate’s approach is a collaborative, creative process designed to help expert performers increase quality and satisfaction in their work and lives.
Her process is based on essential qualities of human thought and movement and can be adapted for any curious human.
From online courses and individual lessons to masterclasses and workshops, there are many ways to participate.


Areas of Study


Afternoon with Kate

Change your life in one day.
Experience the positive force that Kate brings to your life in a one-on-one intensive session to optimize your mindset, your movement and do what matters most to you. You will feel refreshed, clear, and ready to go forward into your full, glorious life.

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9-Week Individual Coaching Package

Kate will create a custom program for you, based on your current projects and goals. These intensives take advantage of optimal habit-forming and fluency timeframes to maximize lifetime benefits.

Kate’s incredibly effective coaching has shown time and again what can be achieved with structured, consistent work in this timeframe. You will learn potent theories and principles, learn how to achieve your desired results, and develop skills and fluency with the work and yourself to use for a lifetime.

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Conklin Courses for Professional Singers & Performers

The Courses are unique and revolutionary, in that they are designed for professional performers, and can be taken from anywhere in the world. Their mission is to help extraordinary performers increase quality and satisfaction in their work, via an immersive group learning process, potent, comprehensive information, and individually adapted curriculum.

Courses are a combination of live online coaching, video lectures, and supplementary materials.

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Private Editions of the Courses are available by request.

Intensives: Group & Individual

Intensives are designed collaboratively to prepare performers for upcoming engagements; theatrical or film roles, auditions, recording, or tours. They can be used to develop acts and materials or to refine existing work. Intensives are also used to accelerate the first stages of the learning process, and to accommodate limited availability.

Individual Coaching

Lessons are available anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Lessons are a creative, collaborative process designed to serve the goals of the artist. Using keen observation of the quality of movement, constructive plans are created to cooperate with human design and meet performance goals. Students gain self-fluency and self-reliance in their work and in their lives.  All lessons are designed specifically for the individual; every lesson is different.

Activities Kate has coached.

Group Coaching

Group learning is one of the most potent and enjoyable ways to learn and improve your own work. By learning to observe the quality of coordination in others, you can more fully appreciate the changes in yourself, and gain insight through their lessons. Having shared experiences with a group creates community, and grows the learning process exponentially.


Workshops are designed to focus on particular topics and skills and range from Introductory to Advanced.

Previous series include the Essential Performer Workshops:
The Science of Movement: What Every Human Should Know
Respiration: Natural and Extraordinary
The Science of Singing
Performance Readiness

Performance Readiness Workshop, ARC Pasadena

Special Engagements

Master Classes & Guest Lectures

Kate Conklin works with performers and educators to help them be wholly dimensional in performance and to provide specific feedback and strategies for their work.

Alexander Technique for Performers Two-Week Intensive in The Wild Beast, CalArts

Speaking Engagements

Kate Conklin is a captivating public speaker, engaging and sparking the imagination of the audience.

Kate’s TEDx talk and performance with Bryan Landers, Santa Monica, CA


On-site or online, Kate works with individuals in the context of rehearsal and performance to maximize the potency of their work.

Working with percussionist Jodie Landau, Union Station LA for The Industry’s Invisible Cities