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Exquisite Resonance


Exquisite Resonance

For singers, speakers, and instrumentalists.

Saturday April 20⁠
2pm-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern⁠
*This workshop will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.

“What others do with effort, I do with resonance.”

From the most thundering reverberation to the most gossamer pianissimi, resonance is the essence of singing.⁠

When we learn how to call up instantaneous, omni-dimensional resonance we shake each other’s bones. We light up each other’s cells.⁠
We make exquisite singing almost effortless.⁠

No fatigue. ⁠
No pushing.⁠
No pitchiness.⁠

Just a full rainbow of sound.⁠

In this workshop, we will look at the nature of vibration, amplitude, and tuning.⁠

You will learn how the design of your instrument (vocal or otherwise) is conducive to optimal resonance by its nature.⁠

You will learn how to instantly cultivate full-spectrum resonance.⁠

You will learn about the pitfalls of over-brightening or over-darkening, and how to adjust resonance qualities as desired, without contrivance. ⁠


I will individually coach you on precisely what you can do to make every sound fully potentiated, fully rung, fully present, and fully felt.⁠

(I will also teach you how to sound like you never breathe, even though you will be able to breathe anytime you want.)

The Details

When: Saturday April 20⁠
2pm-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern⁠

Where: Zoom
Recording will be available

Workshop Structure

Part 1 Structure, Function & Concepts

Optimal Acoustics and Resonance

How the human body is perfectly designed for optimal acoustics
What makes resonance optimal, how our bodies amplify and tune sound,
and how sound reverberates and carries acoustically.

Resonance as an Emergent Property

How tuning works

The Singer’s Formant: How and why it works

Exercises to establish optimal coordination and access optimal resonance

Part 2 Styles & Applications

Uses of resonance in classical, traditional, and contemporary music and various acoustical spaces
Vowel tuning, dialing in resonance, vocal “colors” and using emergence to guide the vocal tract

Experiments and techniques to establish emergent resonance and omni-presence
Revisioning chiaroscuro 

Part 3 Coaching

Specific coaching for participants to work even more precisely with repertoire and application

Open Q&A