Why I study

By Kate Conklin
May 15, 2017

I chose the picture of Marilyn because it’s a reminder of process.

I continue to consult, study and coach with my mentors. I do this because everything I do- singing, teaching, living my life- is a life-long learning endeavor.

I have extraordinary mentors, who help me better understand myself, my work and the world. When I have coachings, I come out of them with new ideas, new techniques, deeper insights, and the valuable perspectives of people I trust and respect. The way they articulate concepts can be as eye-opening as the concepts themselves. ¬†Coachings can be revelatory, validating, and help me transcend limitations in my thinking and creative process. I don’t necessarily know what I’ll learn- but by working with trusted, respected colleagues, I am always enlightened and enlivened by the collaboration. Something useful and fascinating always emerges.

In these cases, I am not learning a new skill set, I am renewing my passion and refining the integrity of my work. I get to share, celebrate and delight in that process with my teachers.