What I wish every musician knew about the Alexander Technique

By Kate Conklin
May 1, 2016

Yesterday I gave a two-hour masterclass for pianists. I said something that elicited gasps of surprise.

There need not be anything wrong for you to use the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique is a direct way to respond to your desire to do your art with quality. It does not require you being injured or experience pain in your playing.

It’s a technique–meaning how you do something. You can use it to transcend mis-coordination or discomfort, but it’s primary job is to help you get what you want.

The technique was developed as a tool to help you do something you care about with quality.

“The hallmarks of the Alexander Technique are creativity, spontaneity, and adaptability to change.”
– A.R. Alexander


Pictured: Arthur Rubenstein, Chico Marx