Costume, Movement & Mood

How what we wear can fit, inspire and enhance our movement and performance. Kate Conklin X Sumissura

Why I study

I continue to consult, study and coach with my mentors. I do this because everything I do- singing, teaching, living my life- is a life-long learning endeavor.

I’m hearing it more than I’m feeling it

The old feeling can’t happen in a new process.

Bigger Ears: How to recalibrate your listening

Listening exercises to get your ears in ship-shape shape.

Compassionate Self-Criticism from The Improvised Life

“I’ve been trying this technique out and find it incredibly useful, a real shift of view: I view myself with more measured, impartial and compassionate eyes…”

Resonance as an emergent property

By appropriately coordinating the vocal mechanism, one can quite easily call up different colors and emphasize specific spectral resonance without diminishing the others.

The Goldilocks Conundrum: Just Right

What does “just right” actually mean?

Doing it better

…learning the Alexander Technique is not like buying a muffin. You are not given an end result, you are learning how to do for yourself, that’s why they are called lessons.

Things change…

“My commitment is to truth not consistency.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Wisdom from Georgia O’Keeffe

“I have already settled it for myself so flattery and criticism go down the same drain and I am quite free.”

Understanding Beans

“I gave you a recipe Madame, I did not teach you how to cook.”
Georges Auguste Escoffier

How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith

An extremely useful and practical guide.

Slowing down to speed up

To innovate you need flexible, stable framework.

Bill Evans: Elaboration and Understanding

“The point is: What are you satisfied with?” Bill Evans

Resiliency in Performance: The Window Pane Test

Resiliency means the ability to reliably sing or move with any quality you wish, no matter how robust or delicate.

The Way It Is…

“The way it is is always in relation to the way you are.”
– Alan Watts

Ann Herbert on Animacy

“Are you alive? Can you move and do you?”
– Ann Herbert

Performance Preparation: Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke dances to get ready to run hurtles. It’s a superb example of a studied rehearsed routine, using humor and the life of the mind to focus and feed yourself for performance.

The Greatest of Ease: Part 1

As I sang each show, I had the view of a lifetime; seeing these astounding humans performing extraordinarily, twice a night, 10 shows per week. I wondered. How are they doing what they’re doing?