Glorious Creatures IV


In this course, we will learn to calm a noisy mind, and tap into the deeper wisdom in ourselves, and in the universe. We will tune into the whispers of our deepest selves, and learn to weather the roar of the storms we experience throughout our lives.
Our aim is increased peace, clarity, and oceanic magnificence.

In your journey, you have doubtlessly encountered obstacles, as well as gifts of all kinds. Have you ever wondered where they come from? Have you ever wondered how best to navigate them, or appreciate them? Have you ever had a racing mind keeping you up at night, or tapping at your attention while you are trying to focus?

In these 8 weeks, you will learn how to calm and enlist this energy, and transform it from obstacle to gift. It’s going to be a discovery process full of treasures and friendship. We are tapping an incredible wellspring, in ourselves, and beyond.

The Course Includes:
4 live (recorded) Group Coaching Sessions
2 Individual Coaching Sessions (30mins)
8 Videos & Supplemental Materials
4 Audio Meditations  
FB Group Personal email support    

Course Fee: $895