Bulgarian Singing Course

Learn to sing the strikingly beautiful and exquisitely ornamented vocal music of Bulgaria. From the resonant yips and yodels of the mountains to the pulsating arabesques of the Thracian plain- this course covers five regions of idiomatic vocal music, providing a comprehensive foundation of vocal style and production. You will make sounds you never thought possible!

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Bulgarian Singing Course + Live Online Group Coaching

This course includes the online course, with the addition of live, online group coaching where you can work directly with Kate to get individual feedback and coaching. Coaching times are determined based on your availability.

Be notified when live coaching is available for this course.

Course Details

Bulgarian Singing Course

The is an online-only course in 4 sections.

You will learn:
12 warm-ups
8 songs from 5 regions of Bulgaria
Specific Acoustical Properties of Bulgarian Vocal Production
Design Information about Optimal Vocal Coordination

Each Lesson Includes:
Two Bulgarian songs
Bulgarian Vocal Warm-Ups
Design Information about Optimal Vocal Coordination
Tips for Rehearsing
Regional Vocal Techniques
Pronunciation Guide
MP3s of Each Song and Drone Accompaniment

This course is designed to work for beginning all the way to professional singers. Because of the unique design of the course, there will be material that is new for even the most seasoned professional singers. Some singing experience is recommended.

Meet Kate

Kate Conklin is a vocalist, performer and educator. Through thousands of hours of work with elite performers, observation and analysis of movement, voice work, performance and research in the fields of performance excellence, human design, coordination, and neurobiology, Kate has developed a coaching process which is which is creative, collaborative, and empowering.

Kate Conklin has studied and performed Bulgarian music for over 20 years. In that time she has performed with professional Bulgarian Women’s Choirs, recorded for film and television, and founded and directed five Bulgarian vocal ensembles. She is also a Voice, Alexander Technique and Performance coach, specializing in optimal human performance. She has designed the course to include invaluable information about human voice, movement and acoustics that will amplify and enhance your ability to sing this, and all music, with resonance and ease.


Laura Geier

Violinist, Balkan Music & Teaching Artist Fulbright Scholar Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2010

“I came to Kate desiring to learn Bulgarian vocal music and become closely connected to the music of Eastern Europe. Working with Kate has been one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences I have had. Our time together had a profound impact on my work going forward as an artist and teacher. She gave me the tools needed to utilize my breath, play with ease of motion, perform with less tension, and to incorporate this practice into my every day life. Kate has an extraordinary ability to articulate and direct exactly what you need to do physically in order to get the desired result. I would come away from our lessons together feeling refreshed, inspired and empowered.

With Kate’s support, I applied to and received a Fulbright Scholarship to study a year abroad in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts. Upon my return, I particularly remember one lesson I had with Kate on a Bulgarian vocal piece from the Shop region in Bulgaria. I had been unable to execute an elaborate ornament particular to the style of this region. Kate suggested I experiment with a new idea relating to the back of the tongue and uvula, and my technique improved immediately. It was one of those light bulb moments. What I had been unable to achieve in Bulgaria improved in just one session working with Kate. This is what makes Kate unique, her ability to bring out the best in every individual and to improve their technique no matter what their craft. Working with Kate is enriching, uplifting, and one of the best decisions you will ever make.”

Kathryn Mitchell

Singer, Balkan Vocal Ensemble Orfeia, Bulgarian Dance Ensemble Zharava, Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria 2018

“I come out of every Skype meeting with Kate possessing new clarity about how to accomplish my goals as well as the practical tools to get started.

Over the past year Kate has counseled me on a range of topics from vocal performance to grant writing, and working with Kate has made each process immeasurably more pleasurable and manageable. I have actually painlessly incorporated techniques that Kate has taught me into my routine, such as ways to deal with performance anxiety – which she flipped my thinking about and my performance immediately improved!

Kate’s approach is some amazing combination of optimistic and practical that is both uplifting and realistic. As I’m talking with her suddenly all of these perceived obstacles sort of dematerialize. But it’s not just a pep talk; she has also equipped me with very practical tools to get things done in such a way that I can’t wait to try them out. I feel like I’ve just had an inspiring conversation with a friend- but then I read over my notes from our session and realize I have a solid plan of action ready to be implemented.”