Wildness &


DOJO means “place of the way.”
DOJO is a high-level group coaching founded in the many ways of knowing.

Sitting at the Feet of Masters
Scientific Discovery
Deliberate Practice
Deep Play

In DOJO, we hone these practices to sharpen our skills, expand our artistry, and live fully.
The goal is to be filled and challenged here, so that the rest of your life and work benefits.

We come to DOJO to honor ourselves, one another, and the work.
This is where we practice our foundations, hone our abilities, and deepen our skills.
We root down to expand out.
This is where we fortify ourselves and our art.

The Elements of DOJO

Physical Practices
True stability is dynamic.
By knowing our inherent design in a lived way, we facilitate spontaneity and consistency.
The physical practices in DOJO facilitate the dynamic stability, uprighting, joint centration, synergy, coordination, and timing that are present and required for healthy development as well as high-level artistry and athleticism. As in all deep mastery, proper sequence, resistance, and loading are essential.

Artistic Practices
Text Practices
Skill Building & Refinement
Character Work
Rehearsal Iterations
Performance Plans
Performance Readiness
Performance Synergy

Technical Practices
Cultivation of speed, accuracy and coordination in the skills of your art.

Coordination Practices
Intentional cooperation with design to move, breathe, create and communicate in a skilled and ecological way. Facilitation of optimal acoustics and movement.

Mastery Workshops
Monthly workshops that go deep into a specific subject.
Each workshop includes:
Introduction & Lecture Structure, Function & Key Concepts
Application & Experiments Principles, Tools, Techniques & Practices
Coaching Precise individual coaching with repertoire and application.
Open Q&A

You are invited to be coached on anything you are currently doing or working on from a physical/ artistic/ vocal/ coordination/ biopsychosocial standpoint.

History, Context & Modalities

This work has its roots in:

The Systems View of Life and Autopoiesis
(Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela, Ricardo B. Uribe, Frijof Capra)

The Alexander Technique
(FM Alexander, AR Alexander, Marjory Barstow, Eileen Troberman, Cathy Madden)

The Integrative Action of the Nervous System
(Charles Sherrington)

(Nikolaas Tinbergen)

(Robert Sapolsky)

Indigenous Wisdom & Scientific Knowledge
(Robin Wall Kimmerer)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization
(Pavel Kolar)

Rules of DOJO

Know and honor whose land you are on.

Be kind to everyone, including yourself.

Come ready to work and put aside distractions.

Be super receptive.


DOJO is 4 Months from February-May

Each Month Includes:
3 Group Coaching Sessions with Physical, Coordination, Technical, Artistic Practices & Coaching
1 Vocal Mastery Workshop
1 Integration Week

DOJO Retreat

The Spring 2024 On-site Retreat will be determined according to the availability of the DOJO members and the practitioners. Participants will have a combination of group and individual sessions arranged in a spacious 4-day structure with time for rest and integration. The retreat includes:

Nervous System Work

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Training

Performance Coaching

Alexander Technique

Respiratory Work


DOJO + Vocal Mastery Workshops $10,000

DOJO + Vocal Mastery Workshops + Retreat $20,000

DOJO + Vocal Mastery Workshops + Retreat + Monthly Private Coaching $30,000



Kate Conklin is 6 feet 3 inches of pure, unadulterated resonance.

Kate is a soprano, a leading interpreter of the highly demanding vocal music of Bulgaria, and an extraordinary performance coach. Kate is a certified Integrative Alexander Technique teacher, holds two degrees in Vocal Performance, and was a Fulbright Scholar to Bulgaria, where she studied singing, pedagogy, and conducting, and performed as a member of The Ivan Spassov Academic Choir. Kate was also the vocalist for Cirque du Soleil’s “O,” where she performed approximately nine hundred shows, and subsequently brought on to teach at the California Institute of the Arts where she served as vocal faculty, as well as founding and directing the Bulgarian Vocal Ensembles.

Kate sings in seventeen + languages, and is known for her playful gravitas.

Kate coaches acrobats, artists, opera singers, athletes, entrepreneurs, directors, and performers of all kinds to create the conditions for consistent optimal performance, skilled mastery, and unprecedented performance techniques so they can get the support, recognition, and fulfillment they desire and deserve.

Kate’s unique methodology, Wildness & Precision®, is the process that has emerged from decades of coaching the best performers in the world, and deep study in the fields of optimal performance, optimal acoustics, flow state, stress physiology, neurobiology, systems theory, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, anthropology, philosophy, and creativity.