Kate Conklin is a captivating public speaker, engaging and sparking the imagination of the audience. Kate’s striking stature, depth of knowledge, humor, charisma, and her tendency to burst into song (planned, or unplanned) all comprise her trademark playful gravitas that connects with each listener.

Kate Conklin is a singer and peak performance coach. She has lived in Bulgaria, singing with the legendary Bulgarian Women’s Choirs, performed with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, been a college professor, and now coaches the best performers in the world. Her real-world performance experience gives her credibility in various arenas. Kate’s presentations are practical, precise, joyful and transformative.

Kate is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and holds BFA and MFA degrees in Vocal Performance with emphasis in opera, contemporary, free improvisation, North Indian Classical and Balkan vocal music. She has additional study in peak performance practice, pedagogy, neurobiology, anatomy and physiology, physics, writing, systems theory, anthropology and philosophy.

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Presenting to musicians at the California Institute of the Arts.


Extraordinary Performance, Human Connection, Transforming Stress, Education, Living Intentionally, Excellence, True Belonging, Human Potential, Systems Thinking.

Sample Talks & Interactive Presentations

The Science of Movement: What Every Human Should Know
Respiration: Natural and Extraordinary
The Science of Singing
Performance Readiness/ The Myth of Stage Fright
Deep Learning: Beyond the Aha Moment
How To Be A Glorious Creature

Responding to Desire
The Greatest of Ease: What Being in the Circus Taught me About Life, the Universe, and Everything
Truth vs Consistency
Stress: Process, Transform, Transcend

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“Kate is enormously talented. She brings a passion to all things she does. During her TEDx talk the audience was not expecting what they were about to experience. Kate belted out powerful notes opening her talk. She then took the audience on an enthralling ride of music and speaking about what makes passion more than a dream and how it becomes something great. Hint, it involves a lot of work. She weaves powerful storytelling, a natural ability to improvise, a wry sense of humor, and strongly rooted expertise in her areas of passion to keep her audiences connected and strongly engaged. Plus, she is a lot of fun.

Kate is a rare breed who transcends performing. She is able to see beyond it into what makes performances go from being good into being great. It is very rare for a performer to be able to see past their performance to gain insights into all performances. She is an amazing performer, but a powerful and passionate coach as well.”
Grant W. Graves
Chief Curator TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica

Previous Engagements


Cirque du Soleil

Arts Organizations

The American Film Composers Forum Salon
LA Master Chorale
California State Summer School for the Arts


Academy of Creative Education
Azusa Pacific University
Bard College
California Institute of the Arts
California State University Northridge
Marlborough School
LA College of Music
The Oakwood School
Pomona College
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Santa Monica College