Free 4-Day Training

Four Days.
Four principles of sublime performing.
PLUS one day of extraordinary performance coaching.

Monday July 31- Thursday August 3
3-4pm Pacific/ 6-7pm Eastern*

*Recordings will be available!


Glorious, resplendent, superb.
Extraordinarily or transcendently impressive.
Exaltated, or elevated almost beyond human comprehension.

An artistic effect productive of the strongest emotion the mind is capable of feeling.

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I’m Kate Conklin, I am a singer of 17+ styles and a specialist in optimal movement and performance.
I coach artists of all disciplines in unprecedented technique and artistry.

I am obsessed with helping performers create a seamless blend of you, your art, your technique, and your audience.

And to have the most precise tools and practices to do it better than you ever have.

There is a difference between hard work and PRECISE work.

For me, singing and performing is about:



So I am not interested in HARD work for average -or even really good – results.


I want the art to be high art, and I want the process itself to be high art.

And the way I do that, the way I help my artist and performer clients do that, is to work with what MATTERS.

What gets the most exquisite results with the most precise effort.

Because what I care about most is myself, my audience, and the art.

So extra effort is not of use to me.

And for any extraordinary performer, at some point you will have to reckon with superfluous effort if you want to keep doing what you care about with quality.

I did not develop my work with performers to create “good” results.

The first lab for this work was Cirque du Soleil, where I sang 500 shows a year with some of the most skilled and gifted humans on the planet.

That’s who I developed this work for.

Because I knew if it worked for them. it would work for anyone looking to build a solid and infinitely adaptable foundation in movement, sound making, and performing. 

This work was always designed to be EXTRAORDINARY.



Because TRUTH is TRUTH.

And one other thing:

I work with performers through the pathway of their existing skills and gifts, so that we fortify what you already have, your existing brilliance, as we sure up and shine up the rest.

Artists trust me because I clearly and accurately see them for what they are. 


And needing proper support for their lives and their art.


That brings us to now.

When I’m opening up my world and inviting you in.

In the Summer Sublimity Free Training…

You will learn how to apply the principles and tools I teach the most extraordinary performers in the world in a super-concise, super-potent 4-day experience.


You will have the opportunity to coach with me.

  • If you are committed to quality in your work, and dedicated to mastery, this is for you.
  • If you have wondered what it would be like to work with me, this is for you.
  • If you have worked with me before and want a shine up, this is for you.
  • If you are working with me currently and you want to be interconnected with others who have a home in this work, this is for you.

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We are designed to grow and evolve.

As we evolve, so must our coordination, our skills, our performance practices, and the level of coaching we receive.

This is exactly what happens inside my program, The Wildness & Precision Course for Extraordinary Performing.

I created this training to give you the experience of working in this way in 4 super-potent days, for FREE.

In this 4 Day Training you will receive:

     – Four principles to make your performing SUBLIME

     – Specific tools & practices to transform your performance for yourself and your audience through:

* Optimal Movement Practices
* Skilled Breathing Practices
* Optimal Resonance Practices
* Extraordinary Performance Practices

– The opportunity to get coached by Kate

– An exclusive Q&A, plus a BONUS for the Wildness & Precision Course for Extraordinary Performance

– Recordings of each day’s session with notes

This training is based on The Wildness & Precision® Course, which is the distillation of my 25+ years of professional singing, speaking, and coaching the best performers in the world to be better than they even knew possible.

What people experience in my free trainings:

“I felt connected to a community of other high-level performers and my brain was so happy. The expansion that this training jump-started gave me hope that what I’ve been working towards is worthy and important. I feel really inspired.”
– Molly McLaughlin

“Kate can achieve amazing results via zoom during a very short period of time!
It is a fabulous opportunity to work with an extraordinary human! Someone who is ready to take their performing to the next level shouldn’t miss out!”
– Melissa Treinkman

“It was fascinating to see how this process can work for anyone, not only singers.
It gave the method even more weight for me; as though it’s like a way of being and relating to others and your environment, rather than simply a technique.”
– Danielle Perault


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I can’t wait to work with you!