New Online Class: Performance Readiness

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This will be an interactive, real-time class. Times and dates will be determined according to those enrolled. Course details below.

    Performing is an extraordinary act.
    When we perform, we take our audience on a journey. When we experience live performance, we do not simply view — we co-create.

    Learn how the most recent research shows us how to interpret and use pre-performance energy to excel at what we care most about… and how to apply it everyday to respond to your desires.

    This course is designed to provide practical strategies that coordinate all of your existing skills and techniques to do what you want to do onstage, and ways to design your life to support that.


    Engaging the Audience
    Specific ways to create a lively, magnetic presence that connects you and your audience.

    Practicing for Performance
    How your practicing, rehearsing and soundcheck can support excellence in performance.

    Warming up & Cooling down
    Routines that prepare and sustain you for performance.

    Cultivating & Focusing Performance Energy
    How to say YES to heightened states and transform stress.

    Flow/ Challenge State
    How to create the conditions for inevitable, spontaneous, transcendent performance.