Andrey Moraru

Hand balancer

“I am a hand balancing artist. (You may have seen me on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Season 9.) I came to America 2005 to be part of the cast of performers that opened “Le Reve” an aquatic show when it first premiered in June of that year at the Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas. Since then I toured with shows throughout all 50 states and have been to Germany and other European countries where I performed my act, shared my skill and my view on modern Circus. I have been involved in arts since very early age and have gone through exploratory study of music, drawing, dance and finally ended up in Circus.

My work and friendship with Kate first started in 2013. We found common language in many subjects, and shared similar views on art and the meaning of creating it for the artist, and how it relates to people that are being affected by it. What makes Kate unique is her ability to link the personal life of the individual and how choices and decisions made on a daily basis affect and change our Art. Kate helped me find answers to questions that needed to be answered in order for me to start moving in a desired direction that would benefit and produce artistic growth in me. Any artist I can think of who might be looking for ways to inspire their very own artistic endeavors can largely benefit from Kate’s vision and teaching.

Kate reminded me of the importance of a full stage presence, and the need for honest expression in relationship to the audience members who are looking to be inspired by what we present to them as our view of the world. It’s very simple: Unless you are willing and absolutely feel the desire to give your all for each show you are doing, then there is probably no point in being onstage, as this would be cheating yourself and the audience. Understanding what it takes to be in a state of full awareness, and being able to truly deliver your performance is what I consider to be one of Kate’s many areas of expertise. We both share the same views about the need for a committed performance which can affect and transform the audience as the standard for any artist striving for excellence and progress in their art. I would suggest anyone looking for help in expanding their skill to work with Kate on a variety of useful techniques and ways to understand the process from the inside and see reasons behind decisions which can be the turning point in your career.

I recommend Kate’s lessons to anyone looking for a person who can tell how it really is when it comes to the state your skill level is in now, and which areas it could grow and expand to help you break through mental barriers, find uninterrupted stream of artistic ideas, and full awareness and joy in your performances.”