Bill Plake

Saxophonist, Alexander Technique teacher

“Kate Conklin is a force of nature. Besides being an extraordinary singer and voice teacher, she is also a certified Alexander Technique teacher. She also is a world class performance coach, helping musicians, actors, dancers, athletes (and even acrobats!) do what they do better. I can’t think of a teacher for voice that I would ever endorse more highly. Plus, she’s an absolute hoot to be around. Funny, warm, smart and spontaneous! I come back from a workshop given by Kate feeling inspired and energized. Besides clarifying (and sometimes edifying) my ideas about the workings of the vocal mechanisms, I’ve gained lots of valuable tools in communicating these ideas more effectively to my students at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Kate has designed different programs specifically aimed at helping performing artists of all disciplines to do what they do better. I look forward to attending her future workshops. I enthusiastically encourage you to do so as well.”