Butch Vig

Drummer & co-leader of the group Garbage; groundbreaking producer of albums by Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Green Day; named one of NME's Top 50 Greatest Producers Ever

“Kate helped me to play drums in a way that would connect with an audience for the entire length of a show, be sustainable physically, and kick-ass musically. Rehearsing for the 2012/13 Garbage world tour, we were doing six-hour long rehearsals to get everything tight for the road, and Kate helped me make playing easier without losing my sound or expression. She also helped me strategize for the demands of traveling and tour schedule to keep fit for performance.

Kate showed me simple strategies for using movement, balance, breathing and posture to get better tone from the drums, and how to thrash on the drum kit in a healthy way. We also worked on what I do when I’m producing, how to make long hours at the mixing board less physically taxing and keep my focus in the studio.

Whatever it is you do, Kate will help you do it better.”