Danny Holt

Piano/ Percussion Project, 4 Hands LA, Music Chair Academy of Creative Education at Oakwood

“Experienced, knowledgeable, thorough, and charismatic- Kate Conklin is an indispensable resource for any performing artist.

As a performer of contemporary music, I have to be prepared for whatever a new composer’s work might throw at me. Whether it’s dense virtuosic passages, endurance in a long repetitive piece, or the challenge of incorporating extended techniques or even playing multiple instruments simultaneously— my work seems to constantly keep me on the edge.

The edge isn’t a bad place to be, so long as you are adequately prepared to approach each new challenge with a sense of openness and adventure while always striving for ease and efficiency. The Alexander Technique has helped me do this. I have pushed myself farther and farther while learning to constantly become more aware of how I use my body, and how that awareness can inform my movement on both a micro- and macro- level.

Without a doubt, Kate Conklin is one of the most effective, insightful, and fun teachers of the Alexander Technique with whom I have worked in over a decade of studying on both coasts and places in-between. In every lesson, it is obvious what joy Kate takes from the work. She is totally committed to the process—always striving to improve, and actively seeking out pedagogical challenges. This makes the process all the more inspiring and fun for her students.

As an accomplished professional performer herself, Kate brings a unique and powerful perspective to the Alexander Technique, making her the ideal teacher for performing artists, whether young students or established performers. Furthermore, students who wish to have a deeply internalized understanding of anatomy and kinesiology will appreciate Kate’s thorough and detailed explanations of the structure of the body and how it moves.

The insight gained through this work has not only allowed me to do many crazy and wonderful things as a performer, it has helped me stay healthy and happy, and it has made me a more effective teacher. From how I breathe to how I sit at the piano to how I play a specific note, the Alexander Technique has been crucial to my development as a performer, as an artist, and as a human being.”