Joe Orrach

Actor, dancer, singer, story-teller, educator, former US Air Force welterweight boxing champion

“I worked with Kate while preparing my one-man show “In My Corner.” Our mutual friend, director and show-creator Stefan Haves introduced me to her at an event- he just said, “You gotta work with her.”

‘In My Corner” is a solo performance piece that integrates boxing, jump rope, body percussion, music, tap dancing- usually at least two of these at the same time. It’s an incredibly demanding piece, and I wanted to find a way to keep it emotionally potent while making it sustainable.

Kate’s approach was to collaborate with me to find the essence of the story, and how to most effectively communicate that moment by moment. She used all the specific elements as complementary, supporting each other and the narrative. Using the same underlying coordination for boxing and dancing as for voice created a unified field of attention that allowed my whole instrument to awaken for performance. Rather than the athleticism of the movement posing a challenge to vocal control, each made the other better.

I used the techniques we worked on in every performance. I agree with Stefan- you gotta work with her.”