Kate Surgen

Aerialist, fitness coach

“The time I’ve shared with Kate has helped me immensely. Walking is fluid, and my lower back *does not hurt* at the end of the day. This is huge. I feel like a superhero. I want bring myself and my physical art to Kate every time for her Alexander eye. She assisted the uncovering of beauty within this strong body.

When we applied the Alexander Technique to my current routine – a routine that I have never run through fully until that day- the change was immediate. In the first run-through I was tired, rushed and forgetful. With some key coaching on specific parts, I was able to flow through the second run-through. A few mistakes, but I flowed right over them. I stopped holding my breath. I stopped restricting my movement and respiration by using proper alignment and subtle changes. My head was clear, and I was able to enjoy every moment.”