Madison Smith


“As a classical singer, I’ve spent years trying to perfect my instrument, but meeting Kate really changed my approach to singing.  It’s so simple and obvious that you almost can’t believe it. The secret is that Kate focuses on what you CAN do as a human. There are no tricks or magic here (although it sometimes feels like it!). Her knowledge and experience allow her to communicate ideas so simply that you absorb much of the information before you really know what hit you. Since she’s working with the natural function of your body and not against it, you’re easily doing things that once seemed impossible or at least really difficult. I’m singing with more ease and joy than ever before – and in an incredibly short period of time.

I can’t recommend her enough. If I could give every one of my singer friends a gift, it would be a lesson with Kate. And on top of all this, she’s just a wonderful person who’s playful enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. You can’t help but feel better after working with her!”