Mae Karthauser

Performer, Composer

“In the most modest words, Kate Conklin’s approach to voice and body is the most insightful and potent I have ever come across in my training.

She has absorbed and blended all aspects of her body and voice training into a teaching method that is pure, simple and focused, yet astoundingly profound. Her outstanding vocal and tutoring proficiency, and her deep level of awareness for The Alexander Technique are attributes that are rarely seen. Her techniques are on the one hand, simple and instantly adoptable, yet on the other, radical and ground-breaking for my awareness and control. Her method seems to be all about working as easily as possible for the maximum results, through increasing bodily awareness.

I graduated in 2009 with bachelors in voice from Dartington College of Arts in England, having spent my student life studying classical vocal techniques and the last three years in Alexander Technique. Whilst on my degree I was given the opportunity to go on exchange at CalArts for eighteen months, and it was here that I studied with Kate.

She brought the pleasure I felt as a child back into my voice, the pleasure that so many teachers over the years had smothered with their narrow, heavy-handed approach. I cannot put into words my gratitude and respect.”