Rainelle Krause

Soprano, aerialist

“Kate Conklin, in addition to being one of the most profoundly curious and uplifting people I’ve ever met, has been an invaluable addition to my network of professional resources.  It is not exaggeration to say that she has changed my life.  As an opera singer, Kate was the first person to introduce me to the notion of play and experimentation in the practice room, encouraging exploration in an accessible way.  The work led me to a finer understanding of my upper extension, and a massive release of tension in my middle and low voice, creating a more seamless, effortless sound, and a rock solid approach to the high flying coloratura music that I’m best at.  It was due to that newfound ease and freedom, and Kate’s encouragement that I take an aerial silks class for kicks, that I began working to fuse opera and silks.  When my first experiment, the Queen of the Night’s aria paired with an intermediate level silks routine, was a success, I knew I wanted to expand and create an entire portfolio of this beautiful combination of art forms.

As an aerialist, Kate has been key in helping me understand the workings and limitations of my body in an effort to maximize my efficiency and reduce my rate of injury.  It’s entirely due to her that I know exactly how normal shoulders should work, how mine differ because of ligament elasticity, and how to work with the body I have in order to create the art that I envision.  She even taught me how to jog properly so I could incorporate it into my fitness routine without my neck and shoulders cramping up, or my hip flexors throwing a fit halfway through!  When she said a correct jog could feel like a massage for the back I honestly thought she was crazy, but the proof is in the pudding.

Kate is unfailingly generous with her time and knowledge, scrupulous about her scientific understanding, and endlessly enthusiastic to help facilitate improvement in her clients.  I find myself recommending her to everyone I know, and I am so grateful to have her as a resource and a friend.”