Scot Nery

Pancake juggler, teacher, founder of Boobie Trap variety show

“I like things I can describe, so it’s surprising that I like Kate teaching me Alexander Technique.  I can’t describe what’s great about it; what makes me come back.  If I’m talking to a peer – someone who’s worked hard all their life to be good at something – they understand the necessity of working on technique for delayed results and rewards. They understand how important it is to do something that doesn’t show — even in show business.

Every second I spend with her is worth it, and it’s not horsefeathers or hooey or malarky. It’s real stuff. When you do it, you know it.  When you’re passionate about doing anything and you understand the physical part of it, you understand that you never know enough.  If your goal is to excel beyond what you’ve seen before, you don’t need a bunch of wibbitywabbity wasting your time. You need Kate.”