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Happy Fall. Let’s SING.


Singing in Chest: Navigating the Registers with the Greatest of Ease


I am THRILLED to bring you this deep dive into navigating the vocal registers. Teaching people to sing easily and beautifully in their chest register is one of my SUPERPOWERS.

But we’re not just getting into the voce di petto of it all – this workshop is to help you use ALL of your range efficiently, reliably, and expressively.

With my signature blend of science and skill, we will be demystifying the physiological function of the vocal registers, exploring the artistry possible in these realms, and revealing vocal qualities that are surprising and sublime.

Whether you wish to sail smoothly through your entire range or emphasize the change in registers for artistic and expressive reasons- think yodeling- knowing HOW the registers work and how to work with them gives you total fluency in your voice, and limitless expression. Doing these in a safe, coordinated way will make it both exquisite and sustainable.

I will be taking you through a tour of wonders such as:

– Sailing up and down seamlessly through the entirety of your voice

– Singing safely and resonantly in “chest”

– Flipping between chest and head registers in artful ways like yodeling and glottals

– “Belting”

– What “chest” “head” “mix” and falsetto actually mean from a functional and physiological standpoint

This is one of my most requested workshops, and where my clients experience truly amazing results.

A LOT gets covered about ALL singing in this workshop and coaching session.
We’re not going to just talk about this- we’re going to DO it.

Your singing will never be the same.

Workshop Structure

Part 1

Structure and function of vocal registers
– Practical tools and practices for each register

– Exercises to precisely tune and calibrate “head” and “chest” function

Part 2

Styles & Applications
Uses of various registers and vocal qualities in operatic, pop, musical theater, Balkan music, and yodeling

– Approaches for the primary passaggio / “break”

– Techniques to both blend and emphasize the vocal register shifts

Part 3


– Specific coaching for a few singers to work even more precisely with repertoire and application

– Open Q&A