Fall Calls…

Kate x Sumissura

When the air gets crisp, I have two clear instincts: HIBERNATE and GO ADVENTURING.

As we know, those two things cannot happen simultaneously. But they can happen sequentially. One then the other. And that’s what I’m up to at present.

Fall for me is an incredibly creative time, and also follows summer, which tends to be a time of work. That means fall can sometimes call me to drink coconut milk lattes (check) and watch the trees (double check.) But it also calls me to GO OUT and enjoy the brisk weather, the fun-urgent energy of getting one more thing in, and my favorite, the spontaneity of adventures, near and far.

This fall I’m doing several workshops, designing a Bulgarian singing course, teaching my courses for professional singers, finishing an album, planning performances, casting my eye around for my next travel opportunities.

It was both lucky, and totally calculated, to go out with this custom- made coat from Sumissura for this shoot. We had bright sunlight and cold wind (nature’s photo set) to play with. This coat is so, SO soft, and was the perfect cozy partner for this day… and many adventurous days to come.

And the background. Oh, this background.
It sums up so perfectly how I feel this fall.

Looking into the bright future
Considering the fall of it all
Fall friskyness
Off to see what’s next…

Coat by Sumissura

The coat is from Sumissura: custom clothes, made to measure.
All opinions are very much my own.

February 18, 2020