Speed, Agility, Ornaments, Trills & Coloratura Workshop

By Kate Conklin
October 27, 2023


Speed, Agility, Ornaments, Trills & Coloratura Workshop



Speed, Agility, Ornaments, Trills & Coloratura
Saturday, November 18, 2-5pm Pacific/ 5-8pm Eastern
*For singers, instrumentalists, and performers of all disciplines.

This workshop is designed to make you go really fast, really well.

By delving into rebound, subdivision, and the design of the human instrument, we can go from halting and sluggish to slippery and precise VERY quickly.

My work in classical coloratura, North Indian, jazz,  Bulgarian and other highly ornamented Balkan music, and other disciplines like dance, swimming, boxing, acrobatics and neurobiology have made me super tuned in to how speed and precision are emergent qualities of human performance when the proper conditions are created.

This workshop will take you from great to exquisite to transcendent. No joke.


Workshop Structure

Part 1

Optimal Coordination: Structure and function of vocal and respiratory mechanisms in the context of the entire body

Optimal Acoustics: Resonance, tuning, and emanation

Exercises to establish coordination and optimal resonance


Part 2 Styles & Applications
Uses of agility and ornamentation in classical, traditional, and contemporary music

Experiments and techniques to amplify mobility, agility tuning, resonance, and speed


Part 3 Coaching

– Specific coaching for participants to work even more precisely with repertoire and application

– Open Q&A